Monday, October 10, 2011


I had some new items yesterday and today.

First,When I bought a new camera I thought my old Compact Flash card volume was too small. When I take pictures It couldn't have about 70 pics.
I bought a new Compact Flash card. It is about 16GB, writing speed is 90MB/sec.

Next,I bought a new refill of my own organize.
That is my favorite item.
I will not work and typical life without this item.

Then,I bought a new bag.
It is so big and so right.

I was so happy but, I have to study English so hard today....everyday. and I'm going to write program, I have to fix some bugs...


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I went to USA

I went to USA, from east side to west side.
That is so hard.
but I feel, I was able to experience a lot.
I think I have to learn English hearing a lot and, I have to collect simple words.
I couldn't hear English very well. but I could speak and hear int typical life.
in business, US's business culture was very simple and cool.
Great software was said "Great", Beautiful software was said "Beautiful".
I thought one of cool things was they demanded effect to be provided some software.
Anyway, I'm going to lean to hearing English hard.